Moira Shoobridge

Honours Student

Supervisor: Jaci van Niekerk

I completed my Bachelor of Social Sciences in Anthropology, Environmental and Geographical Sciences and Philosophy in 2018 at UCT. Originally from Argentina, I moved abroad during my childhood to Singapore and the Netherlands, before returning to Argentina and finally arriving in Cape Town six years ago. My upbringing instigated a profound interest in the movements of different social groups, ideas and languages, which was what led me to pursuing cultural and environmental geographies academically. My research is currently looking at the cultural relationships migrant vendors form with the seeds they sell in urban spaces. More broadly, I am interested in exploring cultural geographies of environments – finding stories that tell of the different social relationships people form with nature. I find these captivating in how they challenge and help us to rethink our conventional understandings of bio-systems as well as current industrial food and land systems.

Outside of academia I have been a vocalist since the age of eight, originally trained in classical and currently immersed in jazz vocals. I’m also really passionate about Capoeira, film photography and writing. During my spare time, I enjoy going to music and movement events and workshops as well as hiking and trips to the ocean. In the future I hope to find ways in which to merge these passions of imagination, culture and nature together in multiple, exciting and fruitful ways.