Alex Weiss

Honours Student

Understanding perspectives for the sustainable management of bouldering in Rocklands.

Supervisors: Jaci van Niekerk and A/Prof Rachel Wynberg


In 2017 I completed my BA undergraduate Degree at UCT majoring in Environmental and Geographical Sciences and Media and Writing with a specialisation in Screen Production. Prior to arriving in Cape Town, I spent a year travelling and working and obtained my Field Guides Association of Southern Africa Level 1 Field Guiding Course in the Lowveld, just outside the Kruger National Park.

My undergraduate degree majors were the combination of my passions – the outdoors, photography and film-making. I am currently pursuing my Honours Degree in EGS with a focus on the dynamics of ecotourism and conservation. I intend to use this research to foreground and enhance future film-making and photographic endeavours. Whilst at UCT I have spent two years on the committee of the Mountain and Ski Club, producing two annual journals and overseeing the marketing portfolio.

I am a director at Forge, a mapping and geospatial solutions company which mainly focuses on designing a location and mapping-based application. I spend a good portion of my spare time trail running, hiking and playing hockey. Vacation periods are often used to go on long road trips to various parts of the country that usually involve game viewing and bird-watching with a camera always by my side.