Co-planning the next phase of SKI

In mid-May 2018 a group of Seed and Knowledge Initiative (SKI) partners from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zambia met up in the north of Pretoria for a combined evaluation and strategic planning meeting. The evaluation was led by Pauline Wilson, and ... Read More

Talking about ethics dumping in Oberwinter

Photo: Partners at the fifth plenary meeting of the TRUST project. “Ethics dumping”, or the application of double standards in research, involves the export of non-ethical research practices to resource poor settings, and is an issue receiving incr... Read More

Essential lessons for ABS policy-makers

Access and Benefit Sharing in a Time of Scientific, Technological and Market Change: Essential Lessons for Policy-Makers Change and diversity characterize the sectors engaged in biodiscovery and the use of genetic and biological resour... Read More