John WilsonJohn Wilson

Graduated Masters Student

Benefits and burdens of living beside the Cedarberg Wilderness Area
Supervisors: Assoc Profs Rachel Wynberg and Ed February

Although born in Johannesburg, I spent the majority of my childhood in Cape Town, leaving for the United Arab Emirates at age 15 where I completed my secondary schooling. I returned to Cape Town thereafter to undertake a degree in Environmental and Geographical Sciences and Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology at UCT. Since graduating in 2006, I have worked in the environmental management industry, and have grown to realise that I require further knowledge and qualifications to attain my aspiration of improving conservation. I am fascinated by the conflict that exists between people and conservation. I believe that this interface has not received adequate attention, and my dissertation aimed to elucidate some of these interactions. I researched the benefits and burdens that local communities experience as a result of living beside the Cederberg Wilderness Area, and hope that my research will aid in maximising the benefits and minimising the burdens to these communities. Apart from my research, I am a proud husband and dad. On weekends, my family and I often frequent Cape Town’s natural areas and I still find it mindboggling that one can be a stone’s throw from urban areas and feel like the only person on the planet.