Stephanie Joos-Vandewalle

Stephanie Joos-Vandewalle

Graduated Masters Student

The contribution of natural resource use and trade to multi-spatial livelihoods in the urbanising region of Kasane, Botswana
Supervisor: Assoc Prof Rachel Wynberg

I began doing a Medical Degree at Wits University but then changed after my third year and have since completed my BSc and BSc (Honours) in Environment, Ecology and Conservation. I have thoroughly enjoyed my new academic path as my curiosity in Environmental Science has grown. Having spent most of my holidays (and part of my childhood) in northern Botswana, I have developed a keen love of the outdoors as well as an overwhelming urge to travel and explore. My real interest lies in understanding the interface between humans and the environment and the impact that this understanding can have on both community and ecological conservation and sustainability. For my thesis in the MPhil in Environment, Society and Sustainability Programme at UCT I looked at the use of and access to forest products in northern Botswana.