Michelle Nott

Masters student


I am a Masters student in the EGS department at UCT. I completed my Honours degree in the Environmental Science Department at Rhodes University in 2015. For my Honours study I looked at fuel-wood preferences, use and availability in #Khomani San resettlement farms based in the southern Kalahari, South Africa. To link to a paper based on this research in the journal Forests, Trees and Livelihoods, click here. My passion and appreciation for the environment originated from a very young age, but it was only when I visited Namibia in 2014, that I realised that natural resource use was my forte. This fueled my passion to understand the use of natural resources by local communities and how it contributes to their livelihoods as well as ecological sustainability. More recently, my research interests have focused on the commercialisation of natural resources and how the benefits from their use are realised at the local level. In parallel, I believe environmental sustainability to be key to ensuring that natural resources continue to support the livelihoods of current and future generations. On a more personal level, I enjoy being outdoors, wildlife photography, travelling and exploring the most beautiful landscapes of the world.