nick_leaves-smlNick McClure

Visiting Student

I am a researcher focusing on the intersection of biodiversity conservation, natural resource management, and food systems. I hold a Master of Environmental Management from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, and am currently a Fox Fellow jointly between UCT and Yale. I will spend 2016-2017 at the University of Cape Town studying the relationship between land governance regimes and the harvest of the mopane worm in Limpopo Province. While originally from the United States, I spent two and a half years living in southwestern Rwanda working in environmental education, conservation and development. A particular interest of mine is the place that edible insects might hold in our food system as we struggle to meet increasing demands for animal protein around the globe. I also work on issues related to payments for ecosystem services and social enterprise. Food holds an important place in my life, and when I’m not talking about edible insects I enjoy cooking, baking bread, holding dinner parties, hiking, reading, and losing at pub quiz nights.