Technical Report

Seed and Knowledge Initiative 2014. Strengthening Support for Small-Scale Farmers’ Seed Systems: Knowledge Exchange, Collaboration and Innovation between Formal and Farmer-led Seed Systems. Research Seminar Report, Mont Fleur, Stellenbo... Read More

Technical Report

Wynberg, R. Seed and Knowledge Initiative 2015. Research, Education and Training to Support Farmer-led Seed and Knowledge Systems in Southern Africa. Research Seminar Report, Monkey Valley, Noordhoek, South Africa, 26-27 October 2015.

Journal Articles

Laird, S.A. and Wynberg, R.P. 2016. Locating Responsible Research and Innovation Within Access and Benefit Sharing Spaces of the Convention on Biological Diversity: the Challenge of Emerging Technologies. NanoEthics, 10(2): 189-... Read More

Book Chapters

Wynberg, R. 2015. Chapter 30. Marine genetic resources and bioprospecting in the Western Indian Ocean. In: Regional State of the Coast Report. Western Indian Ocean. Edited by Jose Paula, pp.407-417. UNEP-Nairobi Convention and WIOMSA. Nai... Read More

Book Chapter

Fig, D. 2012. Scientific, agricultural and environmental collaboration in the IBSA Dialogue Forum, 2003-2010. In: Patel, S and Uys, T (eds). Read More