Promoting Global Responsible Research and Social and Scientific Innovation

San Workshop 2014
San Workshop 19 March 2014

Since 2013 the Bio-economy Chair has formed part of an international consortium of institutions contributing to the ProGReSS (Promoting Global Responsible Research and Social and Scientific Innovation) Project. Co-ordinated by Professor Doris Schroeder from the UK-based University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN), and funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission, the three-year project (February 2013 – January 2016) aims to establish a global network on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI).

ProGReSS defines RRI as research and innovation which is:
• ethically acceptable
• sustainable
• societally desirable

The project links existing international networks of RRI from all continents with European partners and policy-makers, policy-advisors, funders, industry and non-governmental organisations.

As one of the South African contributors, we have prepared reviews of South Africa’s policy frameworks for innovation; have analysed science funding strategies; and have partnered with the South African San Institute (SASI) and European project collaborators to explore ways in which marginalised communities can contribute to and benefit from responsible research and innovation.

Further Reading

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