Sariek T. Cohen

Honours Student

Agroecology in Cape Town: How do perspectives on agroecology compare between the City of Cape Town and urban farmers practicing agroecology?

Supervisors: Jaci van Niekerk and Dr. Witness Kozanayi

I am currently completing an Honours degree in Environmental and Geographical Science at the University of Cape Town. I obtained a Bachelor of Social Science degree in Environmental and Geographical Science and Sociology in April 2019. This is my fourth year in Cape Town having moved here to complete my undergraduate studies. I am originally from the Netherlands and Israel, but grew up in Nigeria, India, and Vietnam.

Prior to arriving in Cape Town, I spent a year learning Permaculture, mud architecture, and working on several projects around Israel. I was also involved in an agricultural project in Turkana, northern Kenya where I experienced first-hand the socio-economic, political, and environmental tensions associated with conventionally taught subsistence agriculture in an international development context. I then enrolled at UCT which allowed me to pursue my ambition to up-scale Permaculture design principles in order to transition to a more sustainable agricultural system. Furthermore, during my undergraduate studies in Cape Town I became involved with several small-scale urban agriculture projects helping me realise the opportunity for, and potential of, urban agroecology. During my free time I compost as much as I can find, continue to be involved with the same – and more – small-scale urban agriculture projects, play football, and explore the city by foot.