The TRUST partners held a successful meeting in Nairobi, Kenya from 23 to 25 May 2016.

Hosted by Dr Joshua Kimani, Peter Mwaura, and Betty Rugendo from PHDA (Partners for Health and Development for Africa), participants were exposed to insightful and inspirational inputs from local presenters. Members of Kenyan Ethics and Research Committees, notably Prof Anastasia Guantai, Chair of the Kenyatta National Hospital-University of Nairobi; Prof E. Bukusi, chair of the Kenya Medical Research Institute; and Prof Kirana Bhatt of the Kenyan National Bioethics Committee, raised their concerns about research ethics in North-South collaborations. Complementary inputs were given by community peer educators who highlighted risk factors encountered by sex workers taking part in clinical trials and medical demonstration projects.

The floor was also opened to the TRUST partners to share their views and experiences. For example, Gwen Luc from ACF (Action Contre la Faim) gave an overview of emergency research among vulnerable populations; Prof Klaus Leisinger, FGVA (Foundation Global Values Alliance), explained the usefulness of the inclusion of ‘due diligence’ in codes of conduct for research; Dr Michelle Singh from EDTCP (European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership) highlighted funder concerns around research ethics; Doris Schroeder introduced ideas on a global code of conduct and Andries Steenkamp and Dr Roger Chennells of SASI (South African San Institute) raised concerns for indigenous populations taking part in North-South collaborative projects.

In addition, one of the TRUST advisors, Prof Fatima Alvarez-Castillo of the University of the Philippines Manila and the Institute for Social and Health Sciences, University of South Africa, gave an input on gender sensitive writing. The meeting concluded with the decision to hold the 2017 partners meeting in Cape Town, South Africa – which the Bio-economy Chair team are looking forward to hosting.